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A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, if not more. There is enough stress in our modern world to cause a need to visit the doctor's office, whether for your mind or body. My #1 methods for de-stressing are positive thoughts and vacationing! Click below to read more about how I make time, spend little "moulin" and still get to experience the world outside of my continent!

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The overall health of our bodies can essentially determine how our minds and even spirit operates. Maintaining a healthy diet is super important for keeping your memory on point, your mind focused, and your spirit in check. Food and anything else that goes into your body can ultimately effect your chakras (energy) and the way they operate. In my blog, because I know how daunting it can be, I go through some quick and easy tips when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle!

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Our soul is who we are, our body is what we are, and our spirit is our connection with the universe. If everyone understood this simple sentence, more people would spend more time and money on soul and spiritual satisfaction rather than believing that the only way to feel better about one’s self is by looking better. In my blog I share some of the steps I take to nourish my spirit, reconnect with the universe and to just be happy!

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