La Vie Femme Noire, meaning "Black Girl Life" or "the Life of a Black Woman" comes from the founder's nickname growing up; Nubee (Nubian in Arabic). This community is a one-stop-shop for the empowerment, support and inclusion of women and the under-represented, conveying us as also leading influential and eclectic lives!

Here I piece together a myriad of travel stories from some of my trips and suggestions for the new travelers among you, lifestyle choices with hopes of starting a dialogue to hear your path and thoughts in order to build our community, and a life shop suggesting a few naturopathic items that I use in my every day life to advance myself both spiritually and physically. 

With these elements, I hope to inspire those who have never travelled or believe they can't afford it to do so, those who may want to swap out their diet or cabinet for a more natural and less artificially and chemically-laden one, and to show that "the life of a black woman" is just as regular and exciting as any other!


'La Vie Femme Noire' is founded by Anita, an M.A. graduate in Archaeology from University College of London (UCL).

Born and raised in London, UK to a Seychellois mother and Haitian father, Anita took advantage of her location and heritage to fully immerse herself in culture, history and the arts.

She began her career in the arts at 14 as an EMcee/Singer recording several UK Grime songs; the most popular underground genre of the time emerging in the early 2000s. This passion went on consistently for 5 years but remains dormant in her heart.

Studying a B.A. in Television Production at Middlesex University; Anita gained skills in filming, producing, directing, writing, video editing and photography.

Soon thereafter, her passion from working with historical documentaries transformed into the love of its content and she went on to study Archaeology with a focus across 3 continents and curatorial curatorship. 

While studying she took part in other cultural activities such as running in the 'Miss Afrique Francophone' beauty pageant; representing the Seychelles. Following this, she appeared in articles in the 'Nation' and 'Potpourri'; a popular newspaper and magazine in the Seychelles. She also joined 'Cascade'; a professional Mauritian 'Sega' dance group and performed the traditional dance of the Indian Ocean at corporate events, weddings, celebrations, and other events. Soon after, she - along with a good friend - founded 'Coeur De Lion Sega Dancers' and continued to dance.

Upon completing her Master's, she took advantage of the opportunity to move to the USA. Here she worked for the Haitian Heritage Museum in Miami as a Curator/Archivist curating the 'Rites of Passage' (2015) and archiving their vast collection. She has also acted as an Assistant Curator for the  'FelaSpora' exhibition (2017) at Kroma Gallery in Coconut Grove, Miami and has other experiences as a Teaching Artist for the Bass Museum, an Independent Cultural Contractor, and now the founder of 'La Vie Femme Noire'.

La Vie Femme Noire blog comes from Anita's desire to share practices from her personal lifestyle and travel experiences with all those who are interested in transitioning to a better version of themselves. Anita, more than anyone, understands that no one is perfect and that we all need motivation from time to time to become our better selves. 

Join us and share your knowledge wherever possible to continue empowering the community :)

Love and peace - Anita

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