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"La Vie Boutique" is a "Life Shop". Here I share a few naturopathic items that are in my kitchen cabinets, in my bathroom, or on my person. I hope that you will find some guidance to being a better and healthier you by living a more holistic lifestyle. Please feel free to suggest some items that continue to benefit you :)

Charcoal Toothpaste

charcoal, toothpaste, detoxing, non-fluoride

Changing my toothpaste was one of the first things I did before I decided to go completely natural a few years ago. Initially I changed from my brand name toothpaste to another less known fluoride and SLS-free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) brand, which, worked for me for a certain number of years before I discovered charcoal toothpaste. I found out about charcoal toothpaste by chance in an Instagram Ad and never looked back. I also learnt that the rectangle colour blocks that appear at the bottom of each and every toothpaste tube is indicative of how natural or dangerous it is. Black being basically poison, red a little better, blue being quite natural but still processed, and green being completely natural. The charcoal toothpaste I purchase is a Korean brand and the cheapest toothpaste I've ever purchased. Charcoal is detoxifying, an anti-bacterial, and full of negative ions, which, are amazing for the body!

Coconut Oil

coconut, coconut oil

All my sisters with their natural crowns know and love coconut oil as a hair moisturizer, however, this is not it's only use. It can be used as healthier alternative for olive/vegetable oil when cooking and it is also known as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, a sunscreen, a natural deodorant, and an antioxidant among many other benefits. I use coconut oil not only for my hair at times, but, for the more sensitive areas on my body that can easily have their pH thrown off by using chemical-laden products. It has worked wonders and has definitely served as a preventative for problems that often arose from using perfume based products in the past. It is advised by some doctors to wash feminine areas with just water as the good bacteria will do it's job, but, being the OCD individual that I am; coconut oil it is! :)

Sage Smudge

sage, smudge, cleansing

Sage smoke is not only used for spirit and energy cleansing, it has also been scientifically proven to act as an anti-septic to purify the air and reduce the bacteria within the space it is burned in by up to 94%(1). It is also beneficial as a medicinal aid for the lungs, brain and skin and is believed to be adopted from the ancient Native American practices of purification, however, it is also utilized by the Himba group of North Western Namibia. The women use smoke to bathe. This is a practice that dates back to times of drought where only men were granted the access to washing with water. I sage my home at least once a week to purify the air and rid my home and self of negative energies that may have followed me home. I instantly notice a difference in the energy around me and feel more at peace and relaxed.

Tea Tree Oil

Teatree, Tea Tree, Oil, disinfectant

Tea Tree Oil is something that I never go without at home. I use it in my air diffusers, my body wash, washing machine, and body lotion at times, especially during flu-season! It is effective as an anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and can be used to treat lice and applied topically on skin infections to . The Tea Tree plant is indigenous to Australia, where for centuries Aborigines utilized it to treat skin conditions and respiratory infections. Pure organic Tea Tree Oil can be quite expensive, however, it is extremely strong and therefore lasts longer once diluted.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been proven to possess a multitude of benefits. It is a probiotic made from the fermentation of Apple Cider, which, acts as a weight loss tool, lowers blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and even reverses the symptoms of acid reflux. I also use it as an insect trap for fruit flies, which, seem to be in abundance in South Florida!

Witch Hazel

witch hazel, tincture, anti-inflammatory

I use Witch Hazel as a facial toner to tighten the pores; to rid the face of excess dirt that wasn't removed through washing; and as a topical treatment for wounds, bites, and itches. It is an effective astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory; and is also beneficial for relieving hemorrhoids, sunburn, eczema, and other benefits.

Vybe Lava Pendant

VybeLava, Lava Pendant, Negative Ions, EMF protector, Energy Realigner

This pendant is made up of 76 different minerals, which, provides a negative ion charge of 6000+. Positive ions consist of electromagnetic frequencies that radiate from our TVs, phones, and other electronic devices that can be harmful to the body. Negative ion energy blocks positive ions, realigns your energy, keeps your cells from malfunctioning, enhances your immune system, and is known to reduce and potentially eliminate many forms of disease throughout the body. I wear this 24/7. *


Bamboo Charcoal Pads

Charcoal, Bamboo, Menstrual, Pads, Sanitary, Reusable

Talking about menstruation is almost a stigma in a mans world. Breaking the mold, I am sharing my reusable method to a dry and comfortable period. I find this to be the most cost effective, least intrusive to my lady parts, and free of chemicals. It is infused with bamboo charcoal, which, acts as an antibacterial. It also possesses the same negative ion energy as the lava pendant and attracts positive ion toxins to remove them from the body! Drink plenty of water to assist this process as it can be dehydrating. Disinfect with hot water, baking soda and tea tree oil prior to washing in the machine. I purchase mine from Amazon.com in the link below.**


Alkaline Water Filter

Water is something that I definitely need to drink more of (we all do!), but, I take care in the type of water I put into my body. I found out about the brand that I use at a home show and have continued to use their product since. The filter is infused with charcoal (now you see my obsession with the stuff!), which; purifies, alkalizes, and removes chlorine from any water that runs through it. It also adds enriching electrolytes/minerals such as, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. All essential minerals for body function, digestion, and more.

Tea Tree Castile Soap

Castile soap, castile, soap, dr. bronner's

Dr. Bronner's will always hold a special place in my heart for household cleaning. I have been using Dr. Bronner's castile soap for some time now due to it's short and comprehensive ingredients list. Although there are many options to chose from, I tend to gravitate more towards Tea Tree due to its benefits as a natural anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. It can be used throughout the home, however; I mainly use it on my body, hair, and sometimes as a dish detergent. I shop for this at Nutrition Smart, WholeFoods, or purchase online.


Pink Himalayan Salt

American Organic, Pink Salt, Himalayan

Salt is an element that has received many speculations. While both sodium and chloride are essential to the body's health, some salts can have a negative impact on the body. Himalayan pink salt may be the healthiest salt due to it's proximity to being the most natural. While table salts may be stripped of it's nutrients during processing and sea salt can essentially contain metals from our now polluted seas :(, Himalayan salt is considered to be of the purest form. I purchase Pink Himalayan Salt from Whole Foods, Nutrition Smart, or my local supermarket.

Crystal Deodorant

Crystal deodorant, deodorant, crystal

When I was younger and going through puberty, my aunt decided to put my body on a strike to wean it off of being dependent upon deodorants. Now, this time wasn't pleasant for all those around me and the continuation of my unhealthy eating style didn't help. However, after about a month and a bit, a difference was noticed and my body stopped producing such a foul smell. Since then I had transferred to using natural oils and a plethora of natural deodorants, but, settled on crystal deodorants after I wore tired of the "chalk-life". Crystal deodorants work as an anti-bacterial, are hypo-allergenic, and carry a few other benefits. There are also a few places that you can purchase from including Whole Foods or your local farmer's market.

Konjac Charcoal Sponge

Sponge, Bamboo Charcoal, Face sponge

Back to my obsession with bamboo charcoal, I had found a face sponge a couple of years ago that is infused with it as well as Konjac. Konjac is a potato that grows only in high altitudes and is native to Asia. It is rich in minerals, is over 97% water, and is naturally alkali! Konjac is also the name of the company that I obtain my charcoal sponges from. They can be found in WalMart (yes WalMart has natural products too!) or online on their website.***


Pure Blends Immunity Oil

Oil, Pure Blends, immunity, natural oils

After having meningitis as a child, my immune system hasn't been as great in addition to my mother sterilizing everything, and being raised in the UK climate didn't help either! Pure Blends is definitely a life saver for me as I'm able to utilize it wherever possible. After purchasing the trial about a year and a half ago, I haven't looked back. The oil contains oregano, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and other immune building oils. I add a couple of drops to lotions and baths as the oil is too strong without first being diluted (as with tea tree). I also carry the roll-on stick with me wherever I go and it saves the day when my throat starts to feel a little irritated! I purchase directly from the website below.


Ecos Clothes Detergent

Ecos, laundry, clothes, detergent

As with many people my skin is super sensitive to perfumes and any strong scented product, so I am extra careful with my clothes detergent. I used to love drowning my clothes in linen scented fabric softeners as the smell helped me feel as though the clothes were properly cleaned. As time went on, my skin became sensitive to it and out went the use of fabric softeners whilst in came the anxiety of not feeling like my clothes were perfectly clean. Years went by as I began shopping around for unscented, hypo-allergenic, and every other sensitive skin product I could find. Finally I settled on using this product alone along with baking soda to help me feel like my clothes are extra clean. Although they may not smell like a perfume factory, I feel that they are indeed cleaned properly! I purchase either from Sams Club or online.****


Raspberry Leaf Tea

raspberry, leaf, tea

Tea is part of my morning ritual every single day. It is also one of my favourite homeopathic remedies. Sore throat? Drink tea. Upset stomach? Drink tea. There seems to be a tea for any ailment a human being can have. One of my favourite teas has to be the Raspberry Leaf Tea. Growing up, my time of the month always included the first day ritual of being bed ridden unable to move and things coming out of both ends (sorry but it's true). When I discovered the benefits of Raspberry Leaf and that it is one of a few centuries-old remedies for women to aid with pregnancy as well as easing discomfort during menstruation, I jumped at the opportunity. Two weeks before my period, every period, I either supplement or replace my usual morning Echinacea tea and it has worked wonders! Of course diet is the most important thing when considering the characteristics of a period, but, this definitely helps me when I can't resist those brutal cravings. I purchase either from Whole Foods, Nutrition Smart, or online.

Bamboo Cutlery

Wood, wooden cutlery, utensils

Ever thought that your kitchen utensils could be causing you harm? Neither do most people. I went almost my entire life using metal cutlery without noticing anything out of the ordinary until more recently. Once I started tasting metals while I was eating, I knew that it was time for a change. I initially focused on obtaining wooden utensils but stumbled across bamboo instead. Metal utensils can contain heavy metals such as lead, aluminum (aluminium), and other toxic metals that can lead to disease. Bamboo is known for it's resilience, good luck, being a digestive aid, and is also biodegradable for all my tree hugging family out there :)

You can purchase from Whole Foods, your local health food or farmer's market, or online. I used the link below and although the site is specifically catered towards cancer patients, any funds you contribute go towards a good cause.


Forever Om Crystals

Crystals, gems, alternative healing

Crystals are something that I have only begun exploring seriously within the last year and a half. Initially, coming from a religious family, I had my skepticisms about them. Although crystals are created through nature, the benefits are believed to mainly be in the mind and not the gems themselves. As with many things in life we give meaning and power to items such as; money, sentimental objects, and other examples. Crystal use is one of many hidden treasures to me as I believe that the universal creator would not have created anything without use or benefit to living beings. Through this belief, I gravitate towards holistic, naturopathic, and homeopathic health, which, in turn lead me to the use of crystals. I clean all of my crystals before use and I choose very carefully who I purchase them from as many crystals absorb the energies around them; both negative and positive. My main supplier, unlike many who just sell-to-sell, is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about each crystal and their benefits. Monica is based at the Yellow and Green Farmer's Market on the weekends in Hollywood, FL; but, also has a website that you can purchase from!


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